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Andrew’s Urgency Manager

Published / by Andrew

I created a project to help me manage the “urgency” of issues.  (Probably not the best term in retrospect.) I often have issues brought up that are ignored for too long because they’re “low priority,” so other issues take precedent, and newer issues keep getting added, pushing these old issues down in the priority list.

Andrew’s Urgency Manager

AUM is a command-line tool written in Python that helps manage that problem by increasing the priority of an issue over time, so even if an issue is originally assigned as a low priority, its priority level increases over time.

More details can be read on the front page of the project (the link above). My general workflow uses AUM to manage the priority of different projects and my todo syntax highlighting to manage details of a project. (The latter being what Mondonotes is based on, which I use a lot for non-work stuff.)